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A NABL Accredited Lab, NABL Certificate No CC-2112

Under NABL Scope: (Attach the NABL Logo, NABL Certificate, NABL Scope)

Temperature Calibrations:

Electronic Temperature Indicator with & without Sensor
Ovens, Incubators, Deep Freezers, Water Bath.
Temp. Mapping
%rh Calibration:
Thermo Hygrometers, Stability Chambers


Piston Operated Pipette:
Includes service, Adjustment & Calibration.
Single Channel & Multichannel.
Bottle Dispensers
Glass Wares
Analytical Balances
Analytical Weight Box
RPM Calibrations:
RPM Indicator, Centrifuges, Shakers


Timer: Digital Timer, Stop Watches
pH Calibrations:
For Instrument, with imported Eutech pH simulator with NABL Lab Trace able certificate
For pH Electrodes, with NIST traceable buffers stds, 4,7,9.2, 10
Calibration Standards for pH & Conductivity, with NIST Certificates are also available.
CO2 Incubators:
CO2 calibration by Fyrite Kit & Temperature Calibration.
Bio Safety & LF cabinets, Clean Rooms: Incl. DOP, Air velocity tests.
DOP & Air velocity tests, Particle count test, extra,
Travel distance, measurement in micron using Plunger Dial Gauge with NABL Lab Traceable Certificate