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Equipment & Service support provided for the following:


Vertical Laminar Flow with:

Standardized with pre fitted Gippon Getner Japan make Zoom Microscope

Heating Table top Portable Incubator, optionally Portable CO2 Incubator, with 5% calibrated CO2 Gas

ICSI Gippon Getner Microscope with

Narishige Macro Manipulator

Tokai Hit Heating Stage

Camera, Display Monitor

CO2 Incubator with dual IR Sensor


Aerocide Air Purifier


From Gippon Getner Japan


Stereo Zoom

Inverted, Dark Field & Phase contrast Microscope

Fluorescence Microscope Complete with Digital Camera, LCD Monitor & Image capturing solutions


From Medimeas Instruments

Rotary Microtome


Tissue Processor

Tissue Embedding unit

Cold Plate

Tissue Floating Bath, Tissue Floating work Station

Paraffin Dispensers

Automatic Slide Staining Machines

Disposable Blades from ERMA Japan

Bone Decalcifier

Bone & Meat Cutter

Grossing Tables

Microbiology & Biotechnology:

From Gold SIM, Part of SIM International USA

Lab Freeze Driers, Pilot Freeze Driers, Production Freeze Driers

CO2 Incubator, Air & Water Jacket

Hybridization Ovens

(Features 3 attachment in one, Hybridization, Shaker & Oven)

Gel Documentation System

Vertical & Horizontal Laminar Flow, Bio-safety cabinet

Deep Freezers, Laboratory Refrigerators

Centrifuges: Table Top, Refrigerated & Floor Standing model.

Sterilizers & Autoclaves

Air Samplers


Surgical & OT

Clippers of Care Fusion.

Surgical Instruments of V Muller.

Aerocide Air Purifier

Laboratory Equipment:

Oven, Incubator, Portable Incubator

Water Bath, Shakers

Hot Plates, Heating Mantles, Magnetic Stirrers

Distillation Unit: Glass, Quartz or SS make

Pipettes & Volumetric Handling Unit

Centrifuges: Table Top, Floor Standing & Refrigerated Centrifuges

Laminar Air Flow, Bio safety cabinets, PCR Chamber

Syringe Needle Burners

Clean Room & Sterile Area Consumables:

Indicators for Steam ETO application

Biological Indicators


Sticky Mats

Clean room Papers & writing material

Sterile Goggles, Foot ware

Our aim is to provide our customers with quality Equipment at reasonable cost & having the best performance for the price offered, further the performance are maintained with our continued technical back up & service support.